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    Responsible leadership is the main topic of our intensive, which answers the question of what aspects determine the phenomenon of leadership.


    What is it? Ability to self-control and self-discipline? Natural talent? Courage, determination and flexibility in communication? Developed emotional and volitional sphere of personality? The ability to influence others and motivate others to action? The desire to develop yourself and your abilities?

    As a result of training the teenager:

    Will be able to increase the level of conscious management of their own emotions to achieve the necessary goals and improve relationships with people

    Learn to create a positive, trusting atmosphere in communication and negotiation

    Learn to understand own emotions and the emotions of others, as well as gain skills to manage their own emotions

    Will be able to build communication in a team based on mutual respect, cooperation and purposefulness

    Increase the ability to influence the opinion of others, constructively manage the discussion

    Will be able to properly argue own position in communication, to protect own interests without causing conflict

    90% of the program consists of practical exercises, business and communicative games.

    Training process

    Feedback from course participants

    Lera Voloshina, 11

    I like MBA Kids. There are always interesting lessons. Lots of useful games and exercises. Here I learned a lot of new and useful. I really enjoyed the lesson on emotions. Now I have a better understanding of my mother and teachers.

    Artem Evseev, 12

    I liked the lessons. Here I found friends and learned proper leadership. The most memorable thing is that leaders are different and all these roles are very important. I realized that if you work on yourself, you can become who you want to be!

    Semyon Prokhorenko, 15

    I took this course to learn how to be a leader because I think it’s a very important skill. Unfortunately, I realized that you will not become a leader in a week, but now I know my strengths and weaknesses. I liked the negotiation class the most.



    July 12-16, 2021




    12-14 and 15-17 y.o.


    Esplanadna str., 20, room 1105

    Questions? Course manager Ms Diana Nazarenko: +38 (050) 474-15-76


    3 900 hryvnias.

    Cost includes:

    light snacks

    accompaniment of the curator

    educational materials

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