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Introduction to business

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    Your kid is increasingly asking how to earn his own money?

    Is she or he constantly inventing “businesses”?

    But does not finish what started and is disappointed?

    Familiar situation?!

    We have the answer to this query from today’s teens!

    Intensive for teens 12-15 years old «My business: 5 steps to the result» – is 5 dynamic and full of structured knowledge training days dedicated to creating your own business.


    The practical implementation of a business idea is impossible without a basic theory. Therefore, if a child thinks about his own business from an early age and demonstrates entrepreneurial thinking, it is worth giving him the opportunity to try, but what is it – his business? Let him feel in practice that ideas alone are not enough, that behind any more or less successful company there are motivated people, ready to fail, but not ready to give up.


    Participants in the business intensive at MBA Kids International will try to model their own company. They will learn to create value for people and pay attention to the necessary details that will be able to distinguish their proposal from the masses of others. They will understand that to be unique and inimitable means to be the best!

    we help the child to assess inner potential

    we promote understanding of our strengths and opportunities for personal growth

    we form confidence in ourselves and our abilities

    Soft Skills / Personal skills on the course

    Creative thinking: the ability to find a creative approach to solving life problems
    Entrepreneurial thinking: the ability to notice opportunities around you - and use them environmentally for the benefit of yourself and society
    Emotional intelligence: empathy, the ability to give advice to their own and others' emotions
    Personal planning: time management, goal setting, self-organization

    Hard Skills / Professional knowledge on the course

    Business and entrepreneurship: basic concepts, organizational structure, best practices of Ukraine and the world
    Skills of a successful entrepreneur
    The concept of money, the history of money, personal finance
    Marketing: customers, market, target audience
    Communication channels. Advertising
    Business industries: industrial, creative, entertainment, sports and beauty industries, etc

    We reveal the potential of children:

    Entrepreneurship: creativity, curiosity, imagination, generation of ideas, innovations, self-expression, search for non-standard solutions

    Research: project-based learning method, gaining personal experience, reflection, ability to draw conclusions from success and mistakes

    Proactivity: initiative, persistence, result orientation

    Media literacy: knowledge of information and communication technologies, information retrieval, data analysis

    Independence: self-discipline, time management, goal setting, planning

    Responsibility: ethical and social literacy, personal and social responsibility



    March 24-28, 2021




    12-15 y.o.



    Questions? Course manager Ms Diana Nazarenko: +38 (050) 474 15 76.


    2 900 hryvnias.

    Cost includes:

    educational materials

    accompaniment of the curator

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