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Partnership with Allianz Consult (Azerbaijan), within which the MBA Kids International Azerbaijan School was established.

Allianz Consult is:

  • 12 years (since 2006) on the Azerbaijani market;
  • 56 projects in the areas of HR, sales, strategy development;
  • strategic business partner of Profiles International – a world-famous leader in the field of personnel evaluation, with offices in more than 100 countries;
  • international partnerships with: Profiles International, Dale Carnegie Training, MIRBIS, Franklin Covey Co, European Business Competence, etc .;
  • three author’s products: HR UK, AOS Tech Lead Wheel School;
  • organization of open trainings and seminars with foreign speakers, including: Brian Tracy, Natalia Krasnova, Boris Zhalilo;
  • international club of experts from Russia and the USA;
  • geography of activity – Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia.

Our partner in Brazil is a team led by Maria Isabel Makegosso Villela. Maria has a postgraduate degree in business management, as well as 18 years of experience in one of the largest financial institutions in the country, in particular – in the field of technology and innovation. She sought experimentation and a more lively movement in what she did, but on a qualitatively new level. This is how the idea to create MBA Kids International Brasil arose: «This experience awakened in me a new desire: to promote the education and development of our youth in an innovative way that will allow them to later become successful adults, successful entrepreneurs. After all, entrepreneurial and leadership skills, in my opinion, are the key to a promising future for children. I sincerely believe in the mission of the School: in the format of the game, providing our young students with a wide range of business tools, to turn entrepreneurship for them into an exciting and interesting process of becoming a person».

MBA Kids International Kazakhstan is a team of trainers and business consultants, teachers and entrepreneurs – owners of companies in various fields: manufacturing, retail, restaurant business, Internet, education, PR, media and animation projects.

Zhibek Narikbayeva is one of the managing partners of the MBA Kids International Kazakhstan project, a mother of three, a lawyer, and received an MBA from the Hult International Business School (USA).

Dalila Ashlyaeva is a partner of the company, received an MBA in marketing from the University of Canada in Dubai, and is an expert in business administration in the restaurant and hotel industry. He will also teach at the MBA Kids International Kazakhstan. The two co-founders of MBA Kids International Kazakhstan run the Arithletics Brain Development Center (Dubai, UAE).

«As you know, a successful personality is formed from childhood,- says Zhibek Narikbayeva. – And we are happy that we can be involved in this because of the MBA Kids International programs that are now available to our Kazakh children! MBA Kids is a large family living in different countries of the world. A family where seniors help younger people get to know the world of business, learn what the economy is, try entrepreneurship, see how the market really works, find new friends among the same inquisitive young people from around the world».

Kids Lead Albania was founded on June, 22, 2021 in Tirana, Albania. Kids Lead Albania is the first Institution of Economy for young entrepreneurs from 7 to 15 years old in Albania and Kosovo, inspired from the strong belief that the future of a nation is on the hand of proper education of the young generation.

This vision has made together three young ladies who with their passion for knowledge and education brought an innovative and effective method to help children of today to be successful citizens of tomorrow.

Mrs. Borana Zaimi, after completing the University of Medicine in Tirana Albania, travelled to Germany to complete her specialty in intern and rehabilitation and to fulfill her dream to be independent with her own business in the medical field. Regardless of her long educational background she always had the need to learn about the economy, business or management, this is why she studied Master of Management and Leadership in Public Healthcare. For her all this journey was beautiful and very hard at the same time. And when she first heard about teaching children business and leadership skills she realized how easy it would have been, if she would have had this opportunity as a child to form a leadership and business mindset. Soon she brought into the boat her two best friends that already loved and understood the exact need of this kind of education from a young age.

Mrs. Migena Bodlli completed her first studies in the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania as a Textile Engineer. Working as a Trainer for many years, made her understand she had skills in Public Management and Relations, so she decided to study Master in Public Management. When she first heard about this project, she was very enthusiast and decided to be part of it.

Mrs. Hegla Duro after finishing the University of Economy in Tirana, in Finance Accounting and different qualification in Economy and HR in Albania and abroad works as a Head of Finance and HR Department in a private school. Highly motivated team player with over 19 years of experience as Executive Director, Human Resources Director, Head of Accounting, in Trade Market, Public Relation and Negotiation is now HR and Finance Lector in different private schools in Albania.

This team has managed to give all their experience and knowledge to develop such a project and chose MBA Kids International programs as the very reliable and totally suitable of their expectation to bring the best business and leadership training programs for the children of Albania and Kosovo.

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