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MBA Kids International School of Entrepreneurship and Leadership for Kids and Teens is a project that specializes in business education for children. In 2013, the desire of partners Mykola Dorychenko and Yevhen Zabludovsky helped to implement and launch the project. Starting with small master classes and short-term intensives, today the project successfully implements a multi-level annual program.

Since 2015, the system of medium-term (modular) and short-term (intensive) programs for children from 6 to 17 years has been expanded.

At the time of launch and to this day, the organizers and teachers of the school are active entrepreneurs and successful business coaches who pass their own practical experience to children.

The MBA Kids International project team has more than 50 organizational and teaching staff.

Training programs are based on advanced educational methods and are filled with new trend areas. Particular attention is paid to appropriate and safe nutrition.

The cost of training also includes business practices in the best companies of Ukraine, methodical materials, additional activities for children.

Quality things can’t be cheap. For high results in children, we invite the best teachers-practitioners. It depends on them in many respects, with what the child will go into the world. To do this, we most effectively balance the cost and scope of the curriculum.

The MBA Kids International teaching team is growing with the emergence of new trends in the business environment.

We keep our hands on the pulse of change in the field of entrepreneurship and soft skills, because our program is fully interactive and full of practical tools. This allows the child to apply the acquired knowledge in practice now.

Creating new projects, implementing ideas, the first money earned – this is a reality for children from 6 years. For this task, we selected the best entrepreneurs-practitioners and business coaches, the main task for which was the ability to adapt complex material for different age groups of participants. Special attention is paid to the workshops of success from the brightest entrepreneurs of Ukraine and the right business practices for children.

Innovative courses and programs, project work, teamwork allows MBA Kids International students to achieve bright changes and stable results. A set of educational programs helps children become more confident, learn to interact in a team, be a constructive leader. Business practice and a comprehensive view of the internal processes of companies give young visitors the opportunity to decide on their future profession and direction of their own development.

Throughout the learning process, children put their ideas into practice and learn to make money on their own. An individual approach to each child allows constant monitoring and improvement of the dynamics of change.

Short-term (including intensive) and medium-term (modular) programs have several functions. In addition to the educational and practical parts, they show the level of involvement of participants and the area of ​​growth of each child.

After the interactive interaction, the team of teachers and curators gives feedback and recommendations on the child’s development and further education. The team also identifies the child’s key talents and strengths that need to be developed.

If the style of study at MBA Kids International is suitable and your child likes it, we recommend that you pay attention to the Annual Program.

Recruitment for the Annual Program is on a competitive basis. We select children according to their degree of motivation and desire to participate in learning.

The MBA Kids International team considers every child talented! Therefore, we strive to reveal each talent and use the child’s skills as effectively as possible. We care about the result of each participant in our project!

Recruitment to the group begins in May and ends in September. You can apply for training on the website – and the program manager will contact you to clarify the time of the interview.

Training takes place in locations that fully comply with all technical training standards.

The branch of the School in Pechersk is located at vul. Dragomirova, 9B (Novopechersk school).

We are always happy to see children for co-working, and you – for a delicious coffee!