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For more than 7 years we have been helping our students feel comfortable in business, decide on their future profession and find their place in the team.


The best teachers-practitioners from the top business schools and enterprises of Ukraine help children and teenagers to train their soft skills, master hard skills and go through a unique path of self-development in the field of entrepreneurship.


Adapted for children MBA-programs build in our students a comprehensive understanding of business as a process.


And career guidance testing in the learning process allows you to look at the developed skills and hidden talents of children and adolescents from a new, sometimes unexpected side.

Sometimes a child is interested in older things for his age. When enrolling in MBA Kids International, we take into account all the wishes and age characteristics of your child to select the best training program. At MBA Kids International, the teaching staff monitors group dynamics throughout the process and moderates the behavior, atmosphere and results of the participants.

At MBA Kids International, we create an atmosphere in which the child not only acquires valuable knowledge and skills, but in which he prefers to return again and again. Interest, desire and desire to develop, friendly attitude – important components of the educational process.

Study groups of no more than 12 people, which allows you to work individually with students, develop their skills and successfully practice.

To make our students fully aware of the idea of ​​how to implement it and at the same time successfully earn money, we introduce them to the top companies in Ukraine. Different in nature and direction, but similar in values ​​and social mission.

Students have the opportunity to do an internship in MBA Kids International partner companies, as well as gain useful contacts and see the process of creating a product or service in the full cycle.

A large number of excursion practices allows participants to form a clear vision of a successful business and determine the most desirable profession.

The main principles of the MBA Kids International educational approach:

We teach to make conscious decisions. It may sound trite, but people of all ages need to learn to make decisions, justify their choices and take responsibility for them.
We teach to work both in a team and independently.
We teach to bring what has been started to the end.
We teach to solve problems creatively.
We pass on to children the values you profess yourself. When talking about how banks work, how to open a cafe or how to build a hotel, the main thing is to convey the essence: you should not make a bad product and try to sell it well.
We encourage to be honest with yourself. If you like something – do it, if not – do not imitate, give up, look further – and you will definitely find YOURS.
We help children become bold, because entrepreneurship is not really about money. It's about courage. About the desire to take responsibility and do something the way you want.
Finally, we inspire children to make choices. Among the options «to do» or «not to do» - choose the first, rather than waiting for an opportunity from the universe.