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MBA Kids International –
School of Entrepreneurship and Leadership
for Kids and Teens

For more than 7 years we have been assisting our students to feel comfortable in business, determine their future profession and find their role in the team.

Best teachers from top Ukrainian business schools and passionate top-managers from private enterprises help kids and teenagers to train their soft skills, improve hard skills and complete a unique path of self-development in the field of entrepreneurship.


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Education features

Admission to MBA Kids International consider all the wishes and age characteristics of the child to select the best training program. Programs’ basis assumes our experience in MBA and various formats of courses for students from 6 to 17 years:

Annual entrepreneurship programs

Weekly intenses

Business camps in Ukraine and Europe

Study tours in Ukraine and worldwide

Study tours in Ukraine and worldwide


Real practice

During the education MBA Kids International’s students visit the best Ukrainian companies. A direct acquaintance with the business from the inside helps students to learn better the structure of well-known companies. As a part of our education process students visited such companies:



Privat Bank

UNIT city


Individual approach

We believe that every child is unique. Therefore, our School’s mission is to help each student to reveal and develop his potential and gain confidence. We develop kids who will develop this world. Our tutors and teachers help students acquire knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Business basics

Improving communication and negotiation skills


Leadership and Management

MBA Kids International's reviews

Amira, 14

When I was told I would attend MBA Kids International, I was delighted – for a long time I’ve been looking for similar courses, and now there was an opportunity. Every Saturday, despite the fact that I had to get up early, I was waiting for classes. I also left them in a good mood, because I received a lot of knowledge, talked to wonderful people, spent time useful and at the same time interesting.

My views on the world changed after several classes, because I saw how much teenagers can achieve. Earlier a usual day had passed with social networks and some walks, but after admission to MBA Kids International I began to think about what I can change in myself, what I can improve, what new things I can come up with and what ideas I can put into practice. Relations with others have also changed markedly – it has become easier for me to communicate with people and maintain a conversation. I think this is due to the fact that we discussed a lot of things and the topic of some classes was communication.

The year of study was very busy and a lot of information was learned. I’m glad that teachers brought it in an interesting form and everything was remembered quite simply. I learned about the Gantt chart – it was very convenient to use it to follow the project work schedule. I liked the concept of AIDA – it’s very convenient to use in marketing, I used it while my commercial project. Oratory classes and knowledge about non-verbal and verbal characteristics helped me both at the KIDx conference and in life.

Olena Ivchenko, Amira's mom

I have extremely positive reviews about MBA Kids International! Each Saturday for my daughter was like a holiday, each lesson is different from the previous one. Thanks to her studies at MBA KidsInternational, Amira began to read more, in particular literature on business topics and about personal growth. She has developed entrepreneurial skills, her own project has arisen – kids who study here really change a lot. Thank you for the really excellent trainers and coaches – the professionalism of the teachers is at their best. Children trust them, and thanks to this they perceive information better.

Volodymyr, 12

Recently I completed my second year at MBA Kids International. I like the approach of teachers 🙂 During the education, I began to notice concrete improvements for myself, for example: I developed my speech, began to think more globally, to estimate my point of view and thoughts before voicing them, which helps a lot in communications, learned to accept the point of view of other people, including criticism, became more restrained – and more, and more, and more. I believe that MBA Kids International helped me with all these improvements. I also think that for young entrepreneurs and businessmen (like me 🙂 ) studying at MBA Kids International will turn out to be unrealistically useful, and maybe even mandatory!

Sofia, 14

MBA Kids International for me is a very cool thing. Thanks to the School I got the project Mani Dog! When we were given the task to come up with a financial goal, the guys from my group had: sneakers, power banks, Apple products. And my was AREA FOR WALKING DOGS. Everyone was surprised. And all of my future projects at MBA Kids International were related to Mani Dog.

Thank you for the teachers’ team. They are very cool! Our tutors are just WOW. And how many friends I’ve acquired thanks to MBA Kids International! And experience! Cool! 😉

Natalka Klykova-Volyanuk, Sofia's mom

Year at MBA Kids International brought to Sofia tremendous changes. First of all, my daughter came very close to set her own project – the construction of a platform for dog walking. Before studying at MBA KidsInternational, her idea was more of a dream. But in the process of learning, the dream turned into a goal. The main thing that Sophia taught is to work with projects and aim at large goals. Thanks to MBA Kids International, my daughter changed her mindset, it has become more structured, and this applies to all life areas. But what is most important – Sofia applies her knowledge in life, what they give in School is life’s APPLICABLE! In MBA Kids International, the theory is enshrined in practice.

For Sofia, studying at MBA Kids International was more than important – her motivation goes off scale, every Saturday she was ready to travel from Brovary to Kiev for classes on her own. Therefore, the question of whether to continue training at all is not worth it – to continue!

Daria Shuliak, 16

Once upon a time, the MBA Kids International school was just an accident for me – no better and no worse than the other chances that we take or lose in life. But very soon, classes there turned into something more than just a good pastime.

Here I learned the very important things that make an ordinary person successful.

The art of communication. Oratory. Understanding the needs of those around you. The basics of leadership. Argumentation of one’s position. Structuring thoughts. Work with information.

Now I know how to make money out of a problem, instead of just complaining. I can find a common language with the “right” and not so people. To ask such questions in order to remove embarrassment during the first meeting.

Here you realize that the feeling of embarrassment is a very pleasant one. And you can argue with a goal. And you can lose, getting a win.

MBA kids International are about people. Who work here, who come here to study … This is a community of those who care, and those who are ready to change the world, starting with themselves.

I met three of my best friends here. I became a teacher myself! I think more words no needed 😉

MBA Kids International is my inspiration. And I’m very glad that I once crossed the threshold of this space-useful School!

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